You'll Never Walk Alone!

Hey Yusuf! You'll never walk alone, she's always by yourside =)
Happy Birthday dude!

from Choc&Chip

ps: im a big fan of man united yet ive to make diz one with lots of pressure...hahahah...
juz kidding kak hani...tq!! =p

You go girl!

As written on the cuppies, Good Luck NANA!

from Choc&Chip =)

Meow-meow Sheep =)

Ohh, Meow-meow vs Bek-bek. =p

Balloon pizza!

Have you ever heard of pizza delivery by balloons?
Its only at Choc&Chip! Haha =)

Carrot Cheese

This is our new experiment! Its carrot cheese with lemon cheese topping. Cheese lover would craze for it! Its not for sale yet but we looking forward to bring this new recipe for you =))) The taste is SUPERB!!

Rose, Love & Rossete

order from Kak Intan...Happy Anniversary kak intan!!
i use different topping for this one...for the words, im using chocolate ganache as per request and buttercream is for the side time order lagi ya kak intan...ill be waiting..ngeh3..thanx to Myy too..=)

Chocolate Chip & Vanilla Choc Chip

so yummy!!

sorry the only one who can taste it when its still FRESH, HOT & sooooo DELICOUS..

rainbow & ribbon

request from Dba...hoping dat this cupcakes will get them back together...wish u all the best Dba Twinny!! thanx a bunch!!! =)

Green, Yellow and White - Liyana & Shakir

our 1st engagement order...thanx to Pn Zawiah for introducing Choc & Chip to her friend...tenkiu aunty!! u might not reading diz..but ur daughter will...heee...

** we also taking order for engagement and wedding's order. for those who are interested plz do email me=)

for my beloved sweetheart

a gift for Myy



kaki sheep itu sungguh kurus...x cukup mkn..hua3...order from amalina, for her last day praktikal at bangi...hak hak hak...good luck in ur future ama..may god bless u...;)