Wewe & Eddie's Engagement.

Kak Myza's gift on Wewe's engagement day.
Congratulations and all the best! =)

KeLISA boy.

Order form Lisa, our ex schoolmates.
The face on cuppies agak sama dengan muka tuan punya kelisa. ehee =)
Terima kasih Lisa for your order.

Green,Yellow, Love


Order from Kamil to his beloved one!
Million thanks from us =)

Nurse Injection.

Cuppies on Amira's 25th year.

By-T, 25th year

Happy birthday By-T. Hope this cuppies has made your day! =)

UM Chicks.

Order from UM chicks, Dettol&frens. Thank u! =)

Specially made for you, Muaz


Order from Hana, UIA.
Thanks a lot =)

Love you Mom!

Order from Anuar. To his mother. 
Customer ni paling kerek. ahahhahahahahahahha.
Kidding2. He's one of our top friend list!
TQ Anuar. =)

Liverpool fans, AGAIN n AGAIN!

One of Aishah's gift to her Azizul.
There you go, your team Bro! =)

4 in 1 birthday


Intan, Hani, Fidah & Bina.
Happy birthday from Choc&Chip team =)

Love Heels.


Happy birthday Hajar.
Wow, tinggi okey heels tu!

Yes Maam.

Order from Maam, to her daughter, Intan Balqis.
Cinta Balqis. oops, too dramatic pulak.
Anyway, thanks =)

Liverpool fans, AGAIN!


You're 25th Saif. Happy birthday.

Pink & Purple theme

Order from Kak Fieda, Segambut. Happy Birthday Ayah, Aiman & Paksu.
Have a wonderful years ahead! =)

Chelsea fans!


Order from Nadia. Choc&Chip arrived in Penang.
Million thanks from Choc&Chip team! =)


Hope this cuppies have made your day, Shaqira =)

Nor, 23rd =)

Happy Birthday Nor.
Hugs & Kisses from Myy, Dba, Kak Ija, Kak Myza, Kak Ila.
Have a wonderful years ahead!