3rd Annyversary - Nan & Girl

Hasnan, kelaka lah! This order was made to  suprise his gf on their 3rd anniversary!
Walla! Jangan lupa jemput kitorang nanti k on ur wedding day! =p 

Anyway, thanks a lot! =)

Otromen berjuang!!!

Happy 3rd birthday Qasiem. Mummy order special untuk Qasiem. 

Thanks Along =)

Azim's Birthday

Order from Amy. Thank you =)

Mr Biri-biri. =)

Comel tak? hehe. Thanks a bunch Nona!

Another Majlis Pertunangan.

Another order specially made for Majlis Pertunangan (atas dulang hantaran!OMG! hehe). 
Drop us your comments ! =)


Oh MAMA! U are 54th!

From all of us. We love you MAMA!
-tiqah & siblings-

TQ from us! =)


2nd order from Syaima. Pity her coz tak sempat grab 1 of cuppies from 1st order.
And here comes 2nd order and lucky her, she did grab 3 cuppies. haha.

Thank you. =)

Gitar Cinta Hatiku

This cuppies specially requested from Ila for her bf.
Thank u =)


Our 2nd order for serious occasion! An ENGAGEMENT!
Thank you Kak Marina =)